Susan Evans, Ph.D.


Honors and Awards

Award of Excellence, Alumni Association, Cornell University Medical College, 1995

Chief Research Fellow, Cornell University Medical College: 1995-1997

Founding Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy: 2000-

Outstanding Director of Training in Psychology Award, Weill Cornell Medical College Internship Class, 2007

President (Elected), Payne Whitney Faculty Council: 2007-2009

Teacher of the Year Award, Weill Cornell Clinical Psychology Internship, 2008-2009
Selected Member, 2013 American Psychological Association Leadership
Institute for Women in Psychology, 2013
Certified Supervisor/Consultant, Academy of Cognitive Therapy, 2013
Senior Scholar, Weill Cornell Clinical Scholar’s Institute, 2013
President, NYC-CBT Association, 2012-2014

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