Mallay Barclay Occhiogrosso, M.D.



Daniels JE, Wirth JB, Herrera DG, Simpson EB, Auchincloss EL, Occhiogrosso M, Sobel W, “Headbanging on an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit: a Vicious Cycle.” Harvard Review of Psychiatry 2007; 15:  70—79.

Co-author with Margaret Altemus, MD, “Psychopharmacology in Obstetrics and Gynecology” (book chapter), in Stephen Ferrando, ed., Clinical Handbook of Psychopharmacology in the Medically Ill.  Under contract with the American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. (APPI).

Occhiogrosso, M.  “Gourmandizing, Gluttony, and Oral Fixations:  Perspectives on Overeating in The American Journal of Psychiatry, 1844 to the Present” (book chapter) in Food for Thought:  Essays on Eating and Culture, ed. Lawrence Rubin.  Jefferson, NC:  McFarland Press, North Carolina, 2008.


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