Debra M. Beneck, M.D.

Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology


Gurian MS, Kovanlikaya A, Beneck D, Baron KT, John M, Brill PW: Radiologic-pathologic correlation in acute appendicitis: can we use it as a quality measure to assess interpretive accuracy of radiologists? Clin Imag 35: 421-423, 2011.


E Cheng, L Cohen, S Gasinu, C Sy, Beneck D, Spigland N: Cecal diverticulitis as a continuing diagnostic and management dilemma: a report of two cases in children. Pediatr Surg Int 28:99-102, 2012.


Chen YT, Chiu R, Lee P, Beneck D, Boquan J, Old LJ: Chromosome X-encoded cancer/testis antigens show distinctive expression patterns in developing gonads and in testicular seminoma. Hum Reprod 26: 3232-3243, 2011.


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