Athos Patsalides, M.D.

Neurological Surgery



Original Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals
1.      A Patsalides, JF Fraser, MJ Smith, D Kraus, YP Gobin, HA Riina. Endovascular treatment of carotid blowout syndrome: Who and How to treat. Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (in print).
2.      A Patsalides, M Smith, YP Gobin. Intra-procedural aneurysm rupture treated with NBCA embolization: technical note. Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (in print).
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5.      Khoromi S, Blackman MR, Kingman A, Patsalides A, Matheny LA, Adams S, Pilla AA, Max MB. Low Intensity Permanent Magnets in the Treatment of Chronic Lumbar Radicular Pain. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2007 Oct;34(4):434-45
6.      Patsalides AD, Atac G, Hedge U, Janik J, Grant N, Jaffe ES, Dwyer A, Patronas NJ, Wilson WH. Lymphomatoid granulomatosis: Abnormalities of the brain at MR imaging. Radiology 2005 Oct;237(1):265-273
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16.   Image Interpretation Session and Junior Image Interpretation Session, ECR 2002, Vienna. European Radiology 2002; 12(1): F1-F20
17.   Moran SA, Patsalides AD, Patronas N, Cochran C, LeRoith D. A Case of a Hidden Pituitary Adenoma Causing Acromegaly.  EndoTrends 2002; 9(1): 1,9-13
Book Chapters and Editorials
1.   A. Patsalides, YP Gobin. Intracranial Atheromatous Disease: When and How to Treat. Chapter in: “Surgical Endovascular Neuroradiology” (C. Prestigiacomo). In print
2.  M. Smith, A. Patsalides, H. Riina. Intra-operative angiography. Chapter in: “Surgical Endovascular Neuroradiology” (C. Prestigiacomo). In print
3.  A. Patsalides, E. Tzatha, YP Gobin. New devices in acute stroke. US Neurology. In print

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