Melissa B. Waterstone, M.D.

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Polaneczky M, Cadogan M, McGuiness K, Waterstone M. Atate-Mandated Voluntary Newborn Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening in a New York City Hospital. Obstetrics And Gynecology 1999;94(5):647-52.

Krieder BQ, Grinspan JB, Waterstone MB, Bramblett GT, ANces B, Williams M, Stern J, Lee VM-Y, Pleasure D. Partial Purification of a Novel Mitogen for Oligodendroglia. Journal of Neuroscience Research 1995; 40:44-53.

Waterstone MB, Pleasure D, Kreider BQ. Oligodendroglia Trophic Factor and the Recruitment of the Oligodendroglial Lineage. (Abstract for Spring 1993 Conference of the AMerican Society for Neurochemistry).

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